The first year of babies life

The first year of baby’s life

The first year of babies life

When you give birth, that first year of baby`s life is really something special. If you have the possibility to be with them at home, it will be a time you will always treasure and want to memorize forever.

I now have 2 girls. The guilt I have inside me for not spending the same time with my second is sometimes really bothering me.

First time I had it all… I layed beside her when she was sleeping and was awake when she was. I caught every new face, smile, or sadness. Daddy made it possible, he did so much to help.

Mummy gave her a massage after every diaper change… Yes, you read it well, every time! Massage, stretching, and exercise on pilates ball was our daily routine. Until around 8 months old, then she just couldn’t be at peace, lol.

It is a privilege that the firstborn has. Mummy is here every second. Now I appreciate those moments more than ever.

My second daughter didn’t have that. I just had to do so much… and the time just flew away…

But… She did have her sister by her side at all times. She made her laugh, watched every diaper change,  helped around (or made it worse sometimes ha-ha), cuddled with her, and so on… And she learns so much from her big sis and does things I never allowed my firstborn because of the fear. She has a fuller home with all of us… I just have to stop myself from feeling the blame for not having the same time with her.

So every story has its advantages. I am just lucky they have each other always.

To never forget… How could I!? I remember every single bit! But just in case I made a short movie about first year of my baby`s life. 

Hope you will enjoy it as well.

And ladies… Don’t forget…


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