potty training


potty training

One of my dear friends asked me the other day: ” What is the best time for potty training?ˇ So here is what I have to say.

When Bella, now a 6 yo girl, was 1.5 year old I started potty training. I remember my aunt telling me how she did it when my cousin was 10 months old, and it worked just fine. So I told myself… OK, it is summer time, the best time to do it. She was in panties at home all day, and, oh boy, what a mess we had.

She did it all over the house at first, and then had 2 corners that were her favorite… LOL… Poop and pee everywhere… After a while I did some research and come to a conclusion that I am making a major mistake for my little girl.

When she was 2.5 years old, one day she just said:”Mum, I need to pee..” That was it, we took the diaper off and put the potty training panties. We had very few accidents, maybe 4 or 5, bud during the night she did wet bed about once a month till she was 3.5 years old. You must pay attention and always pee before bedtime. Every time we didn’t she would wet the bed.


A year ago I found some new research and come to a conclusion that maybe I still did something wrong. Its  from pediatric  urologist specialized in toileting problems, Steve Hodger M.D. you really must read. I love this one and I must quote:

“Children under age 3 should not manage their own toileting habits any more than they should manage their college funds”

This one did make me laugh, but he does have a point. Basically any baby can be potty trained, but the point is in responding in body’s urges  in a judicious manner.


  • Training too soon leads to pee and poop accidents, bed wetting, urinary tract infections. All  related to chronically holding pee or poop.
  • each time they squeeze sphincter to prevent the release of pee the muscle gets thicker and stronger. You may think that is a good thing… but no. Thicker bladder has smaller capacity and its sensation mechanism  doesn’t work properly.
  • Holding on poop can stretch the rectum from 2 to 10 cm in diameter. It squeezes the bladder, so it cant hold as much urine.
  • Holding pee and poop just multiplies the bacteria and causes urinary tract.  infections
  • Children with wetting problem are severely constipated despite not showing outward signs

After reading this I remembered some things and questioned my decisions.

When Bella was 3 years old she started having constipation problems. I always thought it was due to sweats that she so much can’t resist. And to be honest is a very hard kid to eat something proper. She eats no vegetable and little fruit. My blender does the trick and she has a glass of veggies and fruit every day. But if you’d ask her, she would live on candies… like most of kids.. ha-ha.

So maybe it is the food and sweets, and maybe I took the diaper too soon….and maybe both. We will never know. I just hope the damage is not too big.

Just for mums with kids who have constipation problems. The thing that helps us most often is home made soup (lots of it) yogurt, lots of fluids and no sweets and all the junk food.  And for painful rectum  coconut oil is a life saver. It reduces the pain and eases the act itself. Its no miraculous advice, but it does work. And we never drink juices aside those homemade with real fruit. She can drink a glass of Coca-Cola only when is on a birthday party. And that way she enjoys it more I believe LOL:


Now my Zola is 2 years and 2 months. And there is no way I will try anything until shes ready. Of course, sometimes she wants to go to the toilet as she sees her big sis, but its more of an entertainment to us than a potty training.

I will definitely update you on this one…

the right moment for potty training


While they are little, its better to use the potty. The main reason is the squatting position which is perfect for healthy and complete bowel movements. Some mums say that they do not like potty because of the cleaning part…. Come on, mums, until yesterday you cleaned those pooish buts… You can do it!

If you do prefer toilet insert you will need a step or footstool, so they get to sit down with their feet on a step. Otherwise their feet dangle and this position promotes incorrect bowel movements.

I believe we covered all potty important facts… You see, there is no rush, and especially not a competition with the timing of a potty training. As a reasonable human being you will do as your instinct tells you to. For me these facts were enough. Read the entire article and decide….. or read more…. This is not the only one, just the one I prefer.

Mums, our kids are our priority and we must learn every day to be a better parent.

Sending hugs and remember…


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