LOSING PREGNANCY WEIGHT EASILY….oh, how many times I have googled this phrase. But eventually managed to find my way 🙂

I have two girls, 5 and almost 2 years old. With each pregnancy gained 23 kg. A lot! And I must say there hasn’t been overeating. I had hypothyroidism and it had to do with the weight gain. After the first pregnancy, I did lose weight quite quickly.

Within 1 year I had 72 kg and had 6 more to lose. By 1.5 I did it. With actually not much effort. Thought it was due to breastfeeding. They say you lose fat fast while nursing.

The second time around I got pregnant my scale was at 69 kg and that was 3 more than the first time, to begin with. I imagined it would be like the last time….. But I wasn’t that lucky. Lost the first 15 kg easily….and then… a total blockage. There was no way to move a bit for one year. Just wanted to cry every time I looked myself in the mirror, and the photographs …oh, they were killing me. My head was like a balloon, and my eyes while smiling like two minuses… 🙂

Then we all had the flu… the 4 of us. It was difficult with the little kids, and we, the adult ones couldn’t get out of bed. Anyway, we somehow got through with it, with the help of essential oils, of course, and when we got better I was sure I lost weight. You know how everyone always says: ËťLost 5 kg during the flu…Ëť but I didn’t lose one bit….not one!!! It was so frustrating. That’s when I said: ËťThat’s it, I am gonna make it no matter what!!Ëť

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I did… A LOT!

Here`s what did the job for me… Just follow my 3 tips. I know we are all different, but maybe it will work for you as well.


It’s pretty simple actually. You fast for 16 hours and can eat for 8 hours. You can set it up as it suits you. For me, it’s perfect to eat dinner at 7 pm, and in the morning breakfast at 11 am. It is hard in the beginning, but after a week or so, you will be ok, your body will soon adjust.

Be careful, don’t overdo it during those 8 hours…try to eat as healthy and balanced as you can.

This diet has a lot of benefits for our body besides losing weight:

  • it lowers blood pressure
  • prevents diabetes 2
  • some cancers
  • neurodegenerative diseases
  • And the great one….. It prolongs our life span!!!

If you do have some health conditions you should check if it’s good for you before you start. For example, I do have low blood pressure but it doesn’t bother me.


This one did the best trigger for me. I was questioning myself… What can get me off of this static point? Suddenly remembered that every time a steak is on the menu,  I lose half a kg or so. So,  figured out that the proteins are maybe my golden fish! Did some google research on proteins and how do they work. I thought that is just for athletes.

There are lots of benefits from whey protein:

  • increases your strength
  • you gain muscle and lose a significant amount of body fat
  • it is loaded with nine essential amino acids
  • human breast milk is 60% whey, compared to 20% in cows milk
  • if you are exercising, you should consume it during or right after a workout
  • reduces the desire for late-night snacking
  • it boosts metabolism and reduces appetite
  • it’s rich in cysteine, which raises levels of the antioxidant glutathione and leads to many health benefits
  • protects from osteoporosis
  • consult your MD if you have kidney or liver issues

First I googled them all sorts… and decided to go with the whey protein. Then I did the research on the brands, I wanted to go with reliable products. 

These are the ones I used: https://amumtomum.com/Weider%20Protein%20Powder

and this one: https://amumtomum.com/Optimum%20Nutrition%20Whey

Decided to take it in the morning. Put it in goats mild, blend it, and drink it. It’s really tasteful! I took chocolate, but there are all sorts of flavors.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING…. IT REALLY KEEPS YOU FULL FOR A LONG TIME! I take it at 11 am and don’t have to eat by 3 pm.

The results came right away! The first month I lost 3 kg, second another 3, third 1…it slowed down. But ok, let’s face it, my goal is to lose about 10-12kg, and it is always the hardest to take off the last 4-5. And to be honest… When the scale showed the first number a 6 as a 69 I did a mistake and loosened up a bit. Just being human. Everyone told me how good I looked so I felt better about myself and wasn’t as careful as in the beginning. The most important thing for me was that I started to feel like Me again.

This is how my day usually looks.

  • I get up around 9 am and have my coffee. The fasting 16:8 tutorial says that during 16 hours you can drink water, unsweetened tea, or coffee. I cheat a bit here because I put a bit of sugar and milk in my coffee.
  • 11 pm I take my protein shake…. Yummy…
  • Around 3 or 4 pm I have my lunch, and ladies, I must confess it to you… AT LUNCHTIME I EAT! I mean I eat like the rest of my family, but I don’t make myself a diet meal. We all eat together whatever we prepare.
  • It depends on when did I have lunch, but if it was around 3 am I drink some smoothie around 7 pm, but if its a late lunch…around 6 pm, then I don’t eat after.

Oolong tea is my favorite beverage during the day. I make 2l in the morning and drink it throughout the day. My recipe is to make it mild, let’s say a dose for two cups, I put in one liter. Then I reuse it and make a new liter. (will explain the reusing part later on). No sugar or anything, and it really tastes great. It’s actually the same plant as black or green tea, but the difference is in the way the tea is processed.

Oolong tea has some great benefits for our health:

  • It activates thermogenesis in the body to increase fat burning
  • Improves heart health
  • Prevents diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Improves brain function and mood ( not only we will be fit, but smart also J
  • Prevents some cancers
  • Promotes tooth and bone strength
  • Relieves eczema

About the dosage, some say you can drink 10 cups a day, some say 3. I drink 3 – 4

Some have trouble sleeping after it, so if it bothers you don’t drink in the evening.

And the great thing I can tell you… You can reuse the leaves! It’s traditionally steeped multiple times, producing new flavors with each subsequent brew. You can reuse it 3 – 5 times- That’s great news because it is sometimes hard to find it and it is not cheap at all. When bought it for the first time I didn’t know this… Oh, how sorry I was for all the tea that got thrown away!

How to prepare it:

  • For a cup of water, use 1 teaspoon if the tea is rolled into balls and up to 2 tablespoons if it has large open leaves
  • Heat the water to 180°F – 200°F
  • Steep the tea from 1 to 5 minutes
  • With re-steeping, the tea add 1-2 minutes to the original steeping time. And so for each additional steep until the flavor is exhausted
  • The important thing is that it should be re-steeped within a couple of hours. Moisture and oxidation are its biggest enemy. So I do make more one after another, but my partner drinks it also with me

This is the one I prefer, Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea

So, basically, that’s it! With this technique, I lost 7 kg in 3 months. That`s a great result! I guess losing pregnancy weight easily can be done when your mind is willing ;-).

Now I just have to make myself not to cheat to lose some more…

You will be updated…

Oh yes, one more thing… I must be honest and say there wasn’t any workout. My girls keep me fit ha-ha… They are both like the Tasmanian devil and keep me going all day. But that too will change, because I do miss the workout. My back would really appreciate some … Will do, I promise….

Hope this will help you! Write to me, tell me was this helpful for you? Do you ladies have some tricks up your sleeve?

Love you all…. And of course…


A Mum

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