Pregnancy and babies



Marina Sestan

In rare moments of silence arround me, words just start to flow through my mind and I have to write. My girls are my main source of subjects I have so much to say about and share with others.

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  1. Amala

    Love the tips. Bouncing on an exercise ball sounds like a wonderful tip for getting babies back to sleep xxx

  2. Rhea

    Your doing a great job! I salute all moms whose been up during the witching hours, you guys are amazing and a real trooper. I like how you recalibrate your style based on what works best for you and your baby’s routine.

  3. JP

    I never got to try babywearing since it’s quite an effort, to be honest but my wife and youngest daughter used to love it.

  4. Kuntala

    If babies that cry a lot are smarter then I must be a geinus. I cried all the time when I was a baby. LOL

  5. Kisha

    I loved babywearing. I did this for both of my babies.

  6. angela

    ooo this is the reason behind my genius hahaha! love this article!

  7. Nicole Anderson

    I have a lot of admiration for what you went through and how you coped. Sharing your story here would also be of huge help to others in a similar situation. Great tips and ideas sharing different options that would be best for various babies.

  8. Meki

    First of all, all my claps to you for what you do. Moms are amazing!! Also, love these tips. Will keep these in mind when I’m in that season.

  9. Doris Jean

    Thanks for these tips. I wish I knew about them when my now 3 year old was a baby. I would get anxiety around 4pm because I knew witching hour was coming lol

  10. Eileen M Loya

    Of all my three kids, my second child was the one who slept days and was awake at night – and that was until he was a year old! When I got a white noise sound machine, that helped a lot. I will share this article with friends who have little babies. I will have to search for that womb sound on you tube. Maybe it will help my husband who has insomnia. Who knows? Maybe it will!

  11. Dominique Walton Brooks

    I had never really heard of the witching hour. Neither of my children cried a lot and when they did, it wasn’t too difficult to find a reason. I hadn’t thought about the Pilates ball before. I will keep that in mind just in case another baby ends up in our home!

  12. Emman Damian

    I admire your journey and how you handled it. You are brave! Keep it up! Yes, we are all strong in our own right!

  13. jaye shields

    Although these are great tips, the “witching hour” definitely makes me terrified at the thought of having kids lol. Hopefully these tips will help lots of moms in the same boat.

  14. Elise Ho

    I was a baby wearing mama. The Pilates ball is an awesome idea though.

  15. Elise Ho

    I was a baby wearing mama. The Pilates ball is an awesome idea though.

  16. Rosey

    How wonderful to have that Youtube channel going. I haven’t heard of it until now. I’m glad it worked for you!2

  17. Claudia Blanton

    I was so lucky, I had two quiet and calm babies, my mother-in-law always said, that I have no idea how lucky I am – and after reading this, she is most likely correct. Great tips – blessings

  18. anas

    haha I seriously didnot know that about halfscreen you tube thing. do you tink that would be for iphone only though?

    1. Marina Sestan

      Ha-ha, so I am not the only one who didn’t know. I have Samsung android, maybe Iphone also has that possibility. Good luck! 😁

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