Regardless of the traits you were born with, whether you are a withdrawn person, shy or timid… once you become a mum, you are a lioness. Trust me, you are! It’s written in our bones.

When my firstborn came to this world the worst part at the beginning were all the visits from friends and family to see the baby. For the first 3 weeks, I was not able to sit down, my breasts were painful, I was not sleeping, scared to pick up that precious little thing worried I will break her with one wrong step.

And there they were…

The first visit was 4 weeks postpartum. I am a lucky mum because dad has done almost all the work to prepare everything for the guests and to serve them. Love you, Dad! But this was exhausting not only for my body but also for my soul. I can only imagine how was it for my baby. My home was a magical cave, where the 3 of us live by our own rules, and let’s say, it was my bubble of joy and love. And they all just made a big mess.

For the next 3 months, we had visits sometimes 3 per week. My daughter, as I wrote before had the worst witching hours… especially after guests. Every visit the screaming was a cry for help and it was like she was saying something to me, but I just didn’t hear her.

They all had to take her into their arms, toss and turn just to show how they all know it and were full of advice on what to do, or not to do. I just watched it all silently, being a person that never tells my peace of mind, biting my nails from behind, and feeling like a total fool.

One night, after a roller-coaster some guests prepared, she was screaming… And suddenly it hit me! I finally understood what she was saying….

Wake up time

I am a mum, and this little creature is my baby…. Unprotected, incapable to defend herself, to tell what she needs or what bothers her… So why am I here… I am here to be her voice. Who is gonna protect her? Who is gonna roar when someone exceeds the limits? Who is gonna take her into her arms and make her feel safe and sound? Who is her other half, the only one that she knows so well… Me of course… Her MUM.

That moment a lioness was born.

I cried, being ashamed of myself and felling I have let her down. I promised her that night:

˝I am here now, and I will never ever let you down again. I am your mum, and I will protect you with every part of my being. I know you and I will react even if I thought it wasn’t in my nature, I woke up. You woke me up. I am here now… I promise you. How can you learn to defend yourself if I don’t show it to you? I will, always…

You are my cub, I am your lioness… forever.˝

The next day I was a new person.

It wasn’t one of those promises you make at night but forget all about it in the morning.

From that day on…. I stayed the same silly person for myself, but for her… I sad it all to anyone who had it coming. Some were surprised, some insulted sometimes, but I just knew I did everything right.

The same was with my second-born, just easier ha-ha.

I am proud of my enlightenment, of my decisions and my actions.

I am a lioness…. So are you. If she’s not there yet, wake her up! Yes you can, and you will.

If you need me or my advice, let me know, I will be honored to help you. We mums must stick together and help each other. I am writing this for you, the sleeping one…. Wish I knew this from the start. We sometimes learn the hard way. Or maybe all things happen for a reason.

And remember…


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